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Monday, 10am-11am

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And, the final days of summer are here! Although some of our activities are coming to an end, this is the best time of the summer to take advantage of our facilities. 

This week is our final week of dive, tennis, and swim lessons. We hope you have seen the difference in your athlete(s) over the past 8 weeks- we sure have! 

During this final week of lessons, we will also have our last week of arts and crafts and the pop-library visit. Arts and Crafts run Monday-Thursday from 10am-1pm and the library will be at the club on Tuesday, 11am

As the summer winds down, we’d like to take this time to mention that Russell Mill is seeking member volunteers to join the Board of Directors. We are seeking individuals that have time and motivation to roll up their sleeves and get things done for our club! If you possess any of the following skill sets, please let us know you are interested by emailing Patty Gray,

  • Finance/Accounting
  • Technology/Computer Skills
  • Human Resources
  • Motivated and Organized Leaders

The Russell Mill Board of Directors meets at least once a month, all year long. As a team, we handle everything required to run a small business, as well as, we try to create a fun and inviting club atmosphere. New board members are voted in at the annual Fall Membership meeting, which is on Sunday, November 6th. NOTE: Per our By-Laws, you must be a member of Russell Mill for 2 years before joining the BOD. Feel free to contact any active board member with any questions. 

Swim & Dive Updates

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Congratulations, Mighty, Mighty Russell Mill! Our Divers took home the gold while our swimmers took home silver! What a season and what a way to end the season! The coaches put their all into working with our swimmers and divers this summer and it showed! Thank you to all coaches, athletes, and parents! We can’t wait for the 2023 summer season!

We hope you enjoy the last week of lessons this week! Thank you to all instructors for a successful season! 

Youth Tennis Updates

Just because it’s our final week of lessons doesn’t mean you have to stop playing on the courts! Grab a friend…or three and continue practicing your skills throughout the final weeks! Pickleball equipment is available in the office. 

Adult Tennis & Swim Updates

Friday morning tennis has finished up for the season. This week is our last (organized) tennis/pickleball social on Thursday starting at 7pm.  

Swim will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8pm and Saturday mornings from 10:30-11:30. Feel free to bring your own workouts to share!  


Upcoming Social Events

House Keeping Items

Season Hours – Mon-Fri 12:00-8:00 pm Saturday & Sunday 11:00am – 8:00pm.

Entering and Exiting the Club – This cannot be stressed enough. The driveway closest to the clubhouse is the entrance. The driveway closest to the dumpster is the exit. Please inform your guests of this before their arrival.

Check-In Location –  upon entering the club your family needs to check in with the greeter.  If you have guests there is a $10 per guest fee. You can purchase the pass ahead of time online   Please be prepared to provide the greeter with the names of the members checking in daily. 

Glass – Glass is not allowed on the pool deck. We have plastic cups in the office if you forget yours. Broken glass that gets in the pool is a serious situation that at minimum results in closure of the pool for multiple hours to ensure proper removal. 

Trash – Please help us keep the club clean. Please take a moment to scan your tables, under your chairs etc. for trash before you leave.

Have Questions?

General & Operational Inquiries – please contact Andy Shupe, General Manager at

Swim Inquiries – please contact Craig Vitale,  Head Swim Coach at

Tennis Inquiries – please contact Dave Branco at

Membership Inquiries – please contact Kaitlin Kobrenski, Clerk at

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