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6/16 - 6/22

Russell Mill News

Hopefully you survived the end of the school year and you are ready for some fun days poolside.  Now that we have officially started the summer season it is important for all members to note that the pool and tennis courts will be closed on home meet/match days.  Please see the schedule below for each section to see when the meets/matches will be, or visit the calendars on the Members Corner page.  We will also post reminders the day of the event on social media.

Our new tennis bulletin board will be installed this week as well as our new swim/dive records board.

All apparel will be distributed at the pool next week.  We will let everyone know via email when the order is in.

Swim & Dive Updates

Caps and Suits will be delivered to the club next week and distributed at swim practice.

Please note we have added a practice swim meet to the schedule.  The meet will be next Wednesday, June 26th.  The pool will close at 3:00 and the meet will start at 3:30.  This meet is just for RM swimmers and is a good way to introduce our new swimmers to the meet format.  

Youth Tennis Updates

The tennis schedules for the A team are available and posted on the members corner.  The B team will continue to play on Fridays and we will be scheduling matches with Chelmsford very soon.  

Lessons start this week.  We hope your children enjoy the new format for lessons.  It will look a little different from our past lessons, but we feel this will provide a better format for learning the game of tennis.  

Adult Tennis Updates

Our adult tennis classes are now published on the members corner page.  These classes are offered for free this summer to allow all members who are interested in learning tennis the opportunity to do so.  Informational flyers will be coming out soon.  The adult programs are as follows:

Stroke of the Week – M-F 12:30-1:30
Learn To Play – M 5-6, F 10-11
Cardio Tennis – M 6-7, F 11-12
Womans Round Robin – M 7-8:30
Mens Round Robin – Th 7-8:30


Upcoming Social Events

Entering and Exiting the Club – This cannot be stressed enough. The driveway closest to the clubhouse is the entrance. The driveway closest to the dumpster is the exit. Please inform your guests of this before their arrival.

New Check-In Location –  upon entering the club your family needs to check in with the greeter.  If you have guests there is a $5 per guest fee.  Please be prepared to provide the greeter with the names of the members checking in daily.  The greeters station has moved to a window near the office doors.

Glass – Glass is not allowed on the pool deck. We have plastic cups in the office if you forget yours. Broken glass that gets in the pool is a serious situation that at minimum results in closure of the pool for multiple hours to ensure proper removal. In extreme cases, drainage is required

Trash – Please help us keep the club clean. We operate with a small maintenance staff. Please assist us by using the proper trash receptacles. If you notice one is full, alert a staff member.  Please take a moment to scan your tables, under your chairs etc. for trash before you leave.


Have Questions?

General & Operational Inquiries – please contact Andy Shupe, General Manager at

Swim Inquiries – please contact Craig Vitale, Assistant Manager and Head Swim Coach at

Tennis Inquiries – please contact Andy Shupe at

Membership Inquiries – please contact Helaine Kaplan, Clerk at

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