Welcome To Activity Sign Ups 2021!

Welcome to the official start of the 2021 Swim/Dive/Tennis season.  We certainly weren’t sure if there was going to be a season but we are thrilled to be able to offer a pretty close to “normal” lesson and team schedule.  We certainly need to make a few changes to maintain distancing and keep everyone safe, but it is the goal of the staff and the board to get as many kids participating as possible.  There is alot of information in this post, but we hope it answers all of your questions.  If you have questions after looking through the information please attend our Zoom on Tuesday, 5/5 at 7:00pm (click here to launch the meeting Swim Q&A Zoom) or email us at or for swim/dive related questions.  As with everything right now, this information is subject to change pending any new information/guidance from the state of Massachusetts or local board of health. There is alot to cover, please read all the info here!

For New MembersFor those that are new to the club, Russell Mill offers swim, tennis and dive lessons for kids 2 – 18 yrs.  We also offer swim, tennis and dive teams for those that would like to compete. The teams are a great way to make friends and compete with local teams in a fun, supportive environment.  Our swim and dive teams welcome the newest of swimmers as well as those that swim competitively. Each child is encouraged to perform to a level that is comfortable for them. Our tennis program is run by New England Tennis Center.  They provide a fantastic lesson program as well as the opportunity for match play on against surrounding clubs.  Our teams are very much about fun and encouraging one another in a team environment.  The teams also support the more competitive divers, swimmers and tennis players by giving them the tools they need to strive towards new personal bests. Whether your child is new to the sport, or has been competing for years, or somewhere in between the swim, dive and tennis teams are a great way to add to the Russell Mill experience.

ALL MEMBERS – Our lessons will run from June 21st through August 12th.  Our teams run from June 21st to August 7th. 

ALL MEMBERS ~ Changes to lesson/team formats for Covid purposes – We have made some changes to be able to adhere to the social distancing guidelines and capacity requirements in both swim/dive and tennis. Below we will address the changes to each activity, please note that for all team/lesson sign ups we have activated a wait list.  If there is not an open slot at the level you need, please add your child’s name to the wait list!  In many cases we may be able to move kids around and make new lesson groups as signups progress.  Flexibility is very important this year as we have to adhere to a certain number of kids in a lane or on a court at one time.  This may mean that you have to choose a time slot that is not your first choice.  While we try to make room for everyone, we simply only have so much space to work with.  Please be patient as we make every effort to ensure that as many kids as possible have an opportunity to participate.  We will be reevaluating lane and tennis court space as signups continue and make changes as necessary.  Please note you are allowed to sign each child up for Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday lessons, but not both this year.

  1. Dive lessons – We have decreased the amount of time for lessons from 45 to 30 minutes and capped the lessons at a smaller number.  There are more dive lesson slots as a result of the shorter time periods. 
  2. Dive Team – no changes at the moment, but may have adjustments depending on the number of kids signed up. 
  3. Swim lessons – We have decreased the lesson time from 45 to 30 minutes, but we have capped each lane at 6 kids.  This means the time is shorter but there are less kids swimming allowing for more individual instruction.  We have been able to increase the number of slots for each level with the shorter time periods.  WE plan to reevaluate all kids in the lesson program at week 4 and move swimmers to different levels if needed and where there is space. 
  4. Swim Team – Depending on the number of swimmers we may need to break some of the larger groups up and alternate days.  It is our goal to get kids in 2-3 times a week.  We hope to be able to offer the full 5, but until we know how many people are interested in participating we can not plan the lanes.  It is our goal to use all the lanes at each time period to the fullest extent, but we need to be able to maintain distancing within the lanes.  This means we will only have 6 kids in each lane.  Please be patient and flexible as we manage this process.  We know so many kids are anxious to get in and swim!  We are also hoping to be able to pull off some swim meets.  We may need to break the team into age groups and hold each age group separately.  We are still working out the details with the other clubs in the league.  More to come!
  5. Tennis lessons – our lessons are capped at smaller numbers than usual, but we can add time slots if needed.  The schedule for tennis has not changed from years past – same age groups, same times. 
  6. Tennis team – as of right now we only have one tennis team option open for signups.  If your child is interested in playing competitively, please sign up.  If needed, we will split into a A and B team.  Currently we are waiting to see if other clubs have teams to play against, otherwise we may stick to intra-squad matches.  More to come as the season gets closer.   
ALL MEMBERS ~ Schedules and Sign Up Directions – Click the links below to access the master schedule for all activities as well as the directions for using eSoft to sign up (same program used to pay your membership).  THE CLASSES WILL BE OPEN FOR SIGN UPS ON SATURDAY, MAY 8TH!  If you are unsure which swim level lesson to sign up for join the zoom on May 4th at 7:00 or email and we can help you place your child.  You can also reference the Swim Lesson Level Objectives link below and place your child where you think they should be.   If you are having an issue accessing your account email us at
If you have made it this far congrats and thanks!  🙂  We have much more information coming out very soon about the upcoming season.  Last week the state relaxed some outdoor guidelines as well as announced other capacity restriction changes going forward.  It was great news for the season and we will fill you in on what that means for you this summer. Be on the look out for more communication from us very soon.  We will post all newsletters on the website so please go to the members corner to keep up to date and be sure to like the Facebook page as it will start to become more active as the countdown to opening day continues!
See you at the pool!
RM Staff & BOD
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