This Week at Russell Mill Aug. 28 – Sept. 4


This Week at Russell Mill

August 28-September 4

End of Summer Family Cornhole Tournament 

Lost and Found Items

The Lost and Found on the corner of the deck is already filling up again.  We will be bagging up usable items for donation on Sunday, September 3.  Please feel free to come down and check to see if you can find any of your belongings before they are donated.


Club  Hours for Final Week

Monday -Thursday 12:00 – 8:00

Friday – 12:00 – 9:00

Saturday 9/2 and Sunday 9/3 – 11:00 – 8:00

Monday 9/4 – 12:00 – 8:00

The pool closes for the season at 8:00 PM on 9/4   The tennis courts will remain open until mid-November.  A special key for the back gate is needed for post season use of the courts.

We are doing some fall cleaning and would like to clear some space in our storage area. Contact Andy if interested 

*Please note we will accept cash or check only for these items.

Dark Red 9′ Aluminum Frame Patio Umbrella – Several to choose from.  These were used one season before we made the switch to the current blue color scheme.  Some have cranks, some have pulleys.  Your choice $30 each or 2/$50.  Picture Below.

15 lb Propane tanks –  Need a spare for your grill?   $10 each



Entering and Exiting the Club – This cannot be stressed enough. The driveway closest to the clubhouse is the entrance. The driveway closest to the dumpster is the exit. Please inform your guests of this before their arrival. We have witnessed several near accidents already this season.
Babysitter Pass –  All non family members functioning as your babysitter and watching your children while you are not at the club should have a Babysitter Pass.  
Last one out?? – We would love for members to enjoy the club after hours. Members are allowed to stay in the picnic area after the staff has left for the evening. If you stay after closing, it is your responsibility to lock the bathrooms and the main gate upon leaving. Playing tennis? Be sure that the lights are off and that both the back and main tennis gates have been locked.
Umbrellas, Tables,etc – Please do not attempt to move umbrellas and tables. The umbrellas on the deck should not be moved to the picnic area, etc. The umbrellas on the pool deck are attached to heavy bases. It appears that someone attempted to move one last week and dropped it, causing the stand to break. The umbrellas take a beating in the windy conditions. Please make sure to lower your umbrella when you are done using it. This will help prolong their life. Occasionally, an umbrella will break from the stress of the wind. If you notice this, please do not attempt to remove the umbrella yourself. Ask a staff member for assistance.


Operational Questions or Any Concerns – Andy Shupe, General Mgr. –
Swim Questions – Craig Vitale – Asst. Mgr & Head Swim Coach –
Tennis Questions – Chris Andros – Head Tennis Coach –