Membership Renewal Reminder


Dear Russell Mill Member:

This is your official 2018 Membership Renewal Notice.

Please go to our website to login to eSoft and renew your membership. Please make sure you choose the correct membership. You can view your membership history if you don’t know or email for help.

Same as last year, membership sign-ups will be done on-line through e-soft and you will have the choice to pay by credit card or mail in a check. We ask that you consider paying by check, as you will be charged a service fee to pay by credit card, to offset the high user fees we incur.

There is an increase of $20.00 to the 2018 membership dues. Please check our website for membership prices. Please remember that all dues need to be paid in full by March 15, 2018. Dues received after that date will be charged a $50.00 late fee.

We hope to see everyone back this coming summer and ask that you please let your friends know we are still accepting applications for membership. If you are not returning to the club for the 2018 season, please notify us by email at ASAP so we can invite families that are on our waiting list.

We would like to remind everyone of some important rules of the club.

When renewing a Family Membership, please note as per our bylaws that a Family is defined as – A head of household, domestic partner and dependents living at a single residence. If two families live at a single residence you must purchase a membership for each family. You may not list other family members on your membership if they are not legally your dependants, including grandparents.

When purchasing a Single Membership the individual must be at least 12 years of age, as of April 16.

Babysitter Pass – all families that have a babysitter attend the club with their children on a regular basis must purchase a babysitters pass before the opening of the club Memorial Day weekend. Multiple babysitters are allowed to use one babysitters pass; please enter the name of your primary babysitter when you purchase the pass then give a list of other babysitters to the manager before the start of the season. Please note if you do not enter your babysitter’s name you will not be charged for the babysitters pass, this is a required field. Babysitters are not allowed to bring guests to the club.

Please if you have any questions regarding the rules of the club please refer to our by-laws or handbook or email us.

Thank you for being a part of Russell Mill Swim and Tennis Club.

Russell Mill Board of Directors