COVID-19 Updates and FAQ's

First, thank you to our members for the overwhelmingly positive response to our letter. Many of us who volunteer for the board have  been on for years and thought we had seen it all. We also thought the financing and installation of a new pool would be the most difficult thing we would ever have to do. Little did we know then how things would change in an instant for summer 2020. We know this situation presents so many difficulties and unknowns which is hard for all of us. We also know that each person has different feelings about the situation and the rules that need to be followed. It is our goal as a board to try to provide a familiar respite for our members while also maintaining safety as dictated by the state and local board of health, while at the same time making the most fiscally responsible decisions for the club.  The balancing act is not an easy one, but this board is going to do all we can to make the best of a hard situation.

While you may not always agree with the answers to the questions you may have, know that we, as a board, are doing our best to be honest and transparent and to do the best we can for the members, staff and community at large. We understand this situation still leaves a lot of uncertainties for the 2020 season, if you are uncertain or unhappy about the restrictions we are required to put in place for this season we suggest you request a refund of your membership dues by June 1st. To that end, if you have additional questions email us at and a member of the board will respond to your inquiry promptly.

With warm regards,

We have compiled a list of questions that we received and hope this will help to clarify some items. Please note, as we receive additional questions and updated guidance we will continue to update this page, so check back often.