2019 Activity Signup Information



All members will be able to sign up online on 5/11/19.  Members of the board of directors will be at the Russell Mill Club house from 9-12 on this day for in person sign up and to answer any questions.  We encourage you if you are new to stop by and ask questions and meet us.

For those that are new to the club, Russell Mill offers swim, tennis and dive lessons for kids 2 – 18 yrs.  We also offer swim, tennis and dive teams for those that would like to compete. The teams are a great way to make friends and compete with local teams in a fun, supportive environment.  Our swim and dive teams welcome the newest of swimmers as well as those that swim competitively. Each child is encouraged to perform to a level that is comfortable for them. Our teams are very much about fun and encouraging one another in a team environment.  The teams also support the more competitive divers, swimmers and tennis players by giving them the tools they need to strive towards new personal bests. Whether your child is new to the sport, or has been competing for years, or somewhere in between the swim, dive and tennis teams are a great way to add to the Russell Mill experience.

Our tennis teams are also a great option and now run in conjunction with New England Tennis Center.  Your child must be able to hold a volley to be considered for the tennis team.  If they meet this criteria, please sign up for one of the teams (A for experienced tennis players, B for those that are new to competitive tennis).  Tryouts will be held soon, more detailed info on our tennis teams and lessons will be out shortly. 

Please note you are allowed to sign each child up for Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday lessons.  If you want to potentially sign up for both please register for ONE only (1st choice) then you can send an email to manager@russellmill.com for your 2nd lesson.  If there is room for your child after everyone has had a chance to sign up we are happy to accommodate that.   You will be notified the week before lessons start.

If a class is full, you have the option to join the waitlist for that particular class/time. If we are able to open more slots or if someone decides to remove their child from a class we will fill the spot from the waitlist. **Please be sure to still sign up for your second choice in case a spot does not become available in your preferred class.**

Please note if you are signing up online the only accepted form of payment is credit card.  If you would like to pay by cash or check you will need to come to a sign up weekend or sign up in the office once the club is open or email treasurer@russellmill.com to make alternate arrangements.

All Membership Dues must be paid in full before any member is eligible to sign up for lessons or enroll in teams.

Here are some helpful documents:

Master schedule for all activities

Directions for signing up for activities

Swim Team Group Descriptions

Helpful information to aid you in the sign up process:

  • The current swim level your child should be enrolled in this year is located in our online system (click the Manage Your Membership button from the homepage of the website), in your profile right under the name field.  It is located in a field called Organization/Team. You will see your children’s) names followed by a number. That number represents the level they should be enrolled in this year. If your child graduated from Level 7 last year they have completed the swim program and are encouraged to join the swim team for additional instruction.  If you are new to Russell Mill, you can view a description of each level on the system under Camps/Classes. If you are still unsure please come to the sign up weekend and someone will be happy to help you.
  • The refund deadline is June 28th, after this date we will not be issuing any refunds. All members have until June 28th to decide if a particular class or team is working for your child.
  • All TEAM PARTICIPATION IS INCLUDED IN THE COST OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP. Even though there is no fee for team memberships it is extremely important that you still sign your child up for each team they are interested in.  Please note all lessons are $40 per child, per activity.
  • The schedules for swim meets and tennis matches are still being finalized and will be out shortly.


**Please note we are only ordering suits and apparel once this season, please make sure to get your order in before the deadline of TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2019 at 5:00 pm for suits and caps and
FRIDAY, June 7, 2019 at 5:00 pm for all other items.**

All team members are encouraged to wear a Russell Mill swim suit (blue) to swim/dive meets and tennis shirts (blue this year) to matches. We will have a sizing kit for male and female suits available during both activity signups. If your child is participating on the tennis team, a performance t-shirt for match play is encouraged.

Our swimsuit and apparel website is ready to accept orders!! Here is the link:


Click the “Team Sales” button

Click the “Team Login” button

Enter the team password: RMSTC (all caps)

All orders will be delivered to the club prior to our first meet/tennis match.  An email will go out once the order is delivered.